About us

Ho Char Trading Corporation has been a specialist in marketing metal oxides for electrical and chemical applications in Taiwan, China and Asia for more than 35 years, co-operating with MEROX Ferric Oxide (Sweden), Chemet’s Copper Oxide (USA), Vale’s Nickel Oxide (formerly Inco, Canada), Zochem’s Zinc Oxide (Canada), ZINSA’s Zinc Oxide (Peru), Voestalpine’s Iron Oxide (Austria), Umicore’s Cobalt Oxide & Nickel Oxide (Belgium), and other suppliers and products.

All of Ho Char’s suppliers are certified ISO 9001 & ISO 14001, and all products undergo rigorous testing and certification by SGS.

Ho Char is best known for its variety of metal oxides. Since the 1970’s the company has built its reputation in Ferrite production, PCB Copper Plating, NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) and Ceramics applications.

Our History

  1. Ho Yuan Chemical Industries was established

  2. Invested and manufactured Zinc Oxide

  3. Became the agent of INCO products

  4. International trading department operated, imported other metal oxides

  5. Ho Char Trading Corporation was established

  6. Became the exclusive agent for marketing Swedish MEROX Ferric Oxide to Asia

  7. Became distributor and agent for American Chemet products

  8. Implemented state of the art ERP system in order to digitally manage administration

  9. Merged the relative companies into Ho Char Trading Corporation

  10. Offices relocated to Taiwan Taoyuan High-Speed Railway commercial district

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