Mission and Values

Our customers’ ongoing support has made continued growth for Ho Char a reality, allowing us to become the leading supplier of metal oxides in Asia.

Our goal is simple; to continually improve for the collective benefit of our customers.

Ho Char understands that the only way it will succeed is by properly responding to the needs of its customers. We do so by appreciating and cherishing the strong relationships we have forged in over 4 decades of business with both our customers and suppliers.

In fulfilling our purpose, we believe:

  • In continuous improvement in all areas of business
  • The satisfaction and trust of our clients are the foundations for Ho Char’s continued growth

Quality Policy

Ho Char is dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers for metal based chemicals and to manage the risk associated with our activities. Quality, safety and environmental stewardship are the responsibility of every employee and are defined by customers and regulatory requirements.

By regularly monitoring our responsibilities, we further our goal of continually improving for the collective benefit of our customers.